Enjoying life for most people means what they do for recreation and fun. Passing time means more than work; it includes play and leisure activities. We all have our favorites. For some it is sewing and crafts, watching old movies, taking on a sport as a fan or participant, and, of course, parties and social occasions. I specialize in the latter. Throwing a good party is my forte. I try to make each one unique and individual. No theme is too much of a challenge.

I was asked to plan and execute a kid’s event for the child of a close friend and I jumped in with both feet. They are always firmly planted on the party ground. Speaking of jumping, I must reveal right out of the box that the focus of the festivities was a huge trampoline. No mini size for this bunch. They need something dramatic. It is like a bouncy house without the castle or spaceship exterior. This way the adults can see what is going on and root for the jumpers. My friend on Facebook knows that trampolines are hot; they are the latest thing for parties, replacing a pony, clown, or balloon maker. It is completely affordable and easy to do. There are rental companies that will explain their inventory and bring and install just the right size.

Budget was not really an object, but as mentioned, the actual center of attention is not out of sight. No rental service wants to price itself out of the market. So once the vendor was selected, I was off and running, planning the food, prizes, take-home goodie bags, and games. I found some “jumping beans” online and thought it would be amusing to put them in the bags. Around the yard posted visibly for the guests will be large signs saying: “jump for joy” and “jump in.” I will certainly have a recording of the song Jump on the speaker. What a coup! I must end with my basic party tips, whatever your theme. I got some of them from https://www.trampolinechoice.com/affordable-diy-trampoline-party-ideas/ and the others are just my own ideas. It can be cowboys, astronauts, fairy princesses, a circus, toy land, or cars and trucks.

  • It is all about the theme decorations. Your nearest party story likely has a wide choice of favors, paper goods, and tablecloths to meet every need.
  • Make sure each child gets something to hold such as a hat, puzzle, piece of candy, or fun sunglasses.
  • Show the guests around so they easily find the food, drink, and games. In the case of the trampoline, it will be obvious.
  • Without being dictatorial, set some ground rules so the kids do not get rambunctious. If you don’t want them in your house, put a sign on the door. However, a bathroom must be readily available.
  • Give favors during the party and the take-home bags as they leave. Decorate them with ribbon in the party theme colors. Whatever the theme, you can put in stickers, miniature replicas, candy or other treat. It can be store-bought or homemade. The point is to make it fun.