How I love a good time. We know how to party in my town. It is in the water maybe. Well, I know that it is in my blood. Hence this blog about festivities of any kind. Life is too short to cheat ourselves out of diversion. It is necessary to alleviate work tedium and family stress—whatever ails you in particular. I say, let’s stop a moment and celebrate. Don’t miss any opportunity to rejoice. It can be a holiday, a friend’s graduation or birthday, an anniversary or a commemoration of a milestone. These are the special times in life that we cherish.

Given these beliefs, you can be sure that I have parties all the time and many tips and tricks up my sleeve. I insist on great food that is interesting and tasty—not just the usual cheese and crackers fare. I actively look for new ideas. I also believe in plating the food on gorgeous, colorful trays. There must be fresh-cut flowers in the center of the table. If it is outside in the yard, I need to find the best portable speakers that are easy to move around so they do their job without getting in the way. Of course, they should be wireless of the Bluetooth kind. They come in a few finishes to match your yard. I like to decorate them if they are visible. When I found some that look like boulders, I was ecstatic. Now, that’s a cool look! But, they must have a quality sound and volume control.

Other party musts are a signature drink that everyone will love. If you have a bartender, you can get fancy. I love a kir, champagne and blackberry brandy. I also like making a giant bowl of punch with Seven-up or Ginger Ale and champagne. You can float raspberries and mint leaves on top. Make colorful ice in fancy shapes like stars. You just add juice to the ice tray.

Apart from food and drink, a party must have a purpose. Perhaps there will be gifts or games as in a bridal or baby shower. Theme parties are my specialty and I go all out to make everything match. I pick a color scheme and buy napkins, streamers, paper goods and assorted décor items. If it is a party for its own sake, games are still relevant, and you can go for the tried and true (charades and Pictionary) or the novel. Make up a guessing game. Attach a sheet of paper on the back of each guest and itemize personality traits. The guest will ask others to guess who he or she is. Of course, he will have to give hints. It is a great way for people to get to know each other.

While these are the basics, there is something that has been left out: music! Be sure to select what your guest will like and turn up the volume. Remember those outdoor wireless speakers? Here’s how they come in really handy.