Today I want to tell you about a great, huge party I threw. There were tons of people, lots of decorations, and glorious food. Without these, you can’t call it a party. I ran all around town to buy the best my town has to offer. First it was the bakery for fresh-baked bread, then the patisserie for a very special French dessert. All the produce for the dips came from an organic market, specializing in homegrown food. The meat was prime. I spent a lot of time cooking side dishes and making sure that the menu was scrumptious. I was hunched over my computer for hours downloading music that would convey the right mood. My back and shoulders got super sore after a few days of this preparation. Yes, parties are fun, wonderful social occasions, a way to see long-lost friends and family, and a time to present lavish fare. But they are also a lot of work and errands all day take a toll on the neck and body.

I hadn’t used my portable massage chair pad for a while, but out it came from its secret hiding place in the closet behind the vacuum cleaner. I think it is going to have to get a new home. I remembered how much it helped in the past and now was the time to resume use of this handy device. You can place it anywhere you like from a car seat, to a den easy chair, to an office seat. It does more than its stated job; it works magic. Let me tell you, when the party is over, you are going to want such a gadget. Why have I forgotten all about it?

If you get a good one from a site like Higher Massage, you can choose from a variety of settings from low to high. Some come with a built-in vibration feature while others permit a wonderful radiant heat. If you live in a winter climate, by all means get this one. They cost more but then again they do more. They are light weight, even with all the bells and whistles, and even easier to store. You probably won’t want to stow it since I know you will get hooked. Why not put it in the trunk of your car or under the bed so you can grab it fast. It works on batteries (rechargeable) and they last a long time. You can try it for a half hour or more and it will keep going, like the Energizer bunny.