While I like to entertain whenever I can, I love outdoor parties most of all. Guests seem more relaxed and open. I know I am. There is something different and less formal about being outside the house. Interior parties can be stuffy and confining. In the winter, of course you can make them work. Put up some holiday decorations and plan a menu of your favorite dishes. Everyone enjoys a roaring fire and a mug of hot cocoa. But there are other ways to entertain friends and family.

I love the atmosphere of a patio or garden, not to mention the fresh air and gentle breeze. Day events have the advantage of the sun and clear blue sky while night festivities are blessed by a deep enveloping warmth. Summer is the best time to have a barbecue buffet in my opinion. A keg of beer is the perfect accompaniment day or night. People love to help themselves and go back for more. They can mingle as they line up with their clear plates. The ambiance is free and easy. At night, I love the soft glow of candles. There is so much you can do to enhance the good time.

Beer is my preferred beverage and one keg can last for hours. I never asked how many are in a full keg, but I expect to have leftovers based on what I read in this blog: https://www.crackacoldone.net/complete-keg-size-guide/. No worries. You can continue the party for yourself and special guests the next day. I was told a half keg would do for fifty people, but I was afraid of running out and didn’t take the advice. I plunked down a few more dollars for the maximum size. There is nothing worse than switching your key item midstream. People who enjoy beer do not particularly like wine or want to switch to soft drinks. An outdoor party begs for the best keg beer available. Treat your guests to their first choice. I know my crowd and they would vote for it every time (barring the Christmas hot cocoa while it is snowing outside).

There is a definite protocol to a summer party and a keg of beer is tops on the list. You can have it delivered for no additional charge. The vendor will likewise come and pick it up. It looks cool on your patio with a bunch of glass beer steins on an adjacent table. This gives the event a special cachet, far better than paper cups. Parties require extra attention, and this is but one way to make them special. Setting a great table is also a must. Make the food look attractive by using colorful trays and eschewing the usual throw-away, boring aluminum stuff. Use flowers or other decorative items in between the various dishes. Your paper plates and utensils should be colorful and feature a garden theme. Coordinating everything around one motif is the way to have a unique party with flair and fun.